Elon Musk has made an emergency sale of 3 million TESLA shares, for a total of 6.9 billion dollars


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3 million TESLA shares sold in emergency

Elon Musk is, among other things, a genius of communication. The billionaire sold 3 million of his Tesla shares, under cover of a possible condemnation to buy Twitter. The lawsuit opposing him to Twitter for the aborted takeover taking place soon. What is clever, however, is the rationale for this unannounced and unplanned stock sale to fan shareholders of the firm. Indeed, he had announced that the sale of TESLA shares on his part was over, no new sale on his part was planned. By selling them in this way, without any planning, he is indicating that it is precisely not to be in a hurry to sell them in case he loses his case. In short, another first-rate smoker for the billionaire troublemaker. But it is well seen on his part. So much the worse for the aficionados, not yet blazed by these changes of opinion, in order to serve their own interests.

Sale of 3 million TESLA shares

Elon Musk has sold 3 million TESLA shares for $6.9 billion. This sale was made with the mandatory declaration to the SEC, the American stock market policeman, and published on Tuesday on the latter’s website, hence the source of this information. Elon Musk did not brag about it, for once, on Twitter. On the contrary, it was a follower who asked him the question when reading the document. Elon Musk then confirmed this news.

In the (hopefully unlikely) event that Twitter forces this deal through *and* some financial partners don’t show up, it’s important to avoid a fire sale of Tesla stock.“ justified the billionaire on Twitter.

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