Elon Musk launches his internet plan at 5000€ per month

Elon Musk who is at the head of You’re here and SpaceX unveils its new project: star link. Through it, it offers satellite internet subscriptions. Today, his company unveils its new package for the modest sum of 5000 euros per month.

Indeed, the new plan Maritime what reveals star link is simply an internet subscription. And the least we can say is that the monthly price is relatively high. However, the service justifies this price by the possibility of offering an internet connection for high-end yachts sailing in the open sea.

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Indeed, unlike its competitors star link provides a stable and fast internet connection. This could in particular offer up to 350Mbit/s to its customers. However, the investment does not stop there. Indeed, customers will have to pay 10,000 euros to acquire the appropriate equipment to take advantage of this service.

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