Elon Musk no longer lives in luxury and rents a prefabricated house for 200 euros per month

In doing so, Elon Musk further distances himself from other billionaires. Bill Gates, although he talks about living simply, owns a huge mansion, just like Jeff Bezos who has a nearly 2700 square meter mansion in Washington. However, other billionaires like Warren Buffett have chosen to live in relatively simple and not too expensive houses. His “best investment” was a house in Nebraska that is currently valued at $250,000. But that doesn’t compare to Musk’s frugality at this important time for his company.

However, it should be mentioned that in this small house he is not accompanied by his partner Grimes, nor by his son. They live in Austin, Texas at an undisclosed property. Austin has become the home of many Elon Musk aides and even many friends and family members, according to real estate experts. It’s home to Tesla and Neuralink, and it’s close to Space X.

Elon Musk’s latest mansion, which has not been reported for sale, is the Bay Area property he bought for $23 million and would sell for $37.5 million of dollars. It sits on one of the largest lots on the San Francisco Peninsula, spanning 47 acres. It’s a 100+ year old mansion with parking for 11 cars, a pool, a ballroom, and its own canyons. Elon Musk wanted the house to be sold to a large family who could fully enjoy it.

After that ? So far, Elon Musk hasn’t shown any interest in buying big properties, and given his interest in Mars, it looks like he wants that to be his next home.

Via GQ Mexico


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