Elon Musk rants against NFTs on Twitter

Late last week, Twitter formalized a feature that will allow users to use their NFTs as profile pictures. With this novelty, the social network confirms its interest in blockchain-related technologies. Thus, while a blue badge certifies your identity on the platform, this tool will verify that you are indeed the owner of the NFT you are using. One downside, however, is that only paid Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to access this option.

Elon Musk fires red cannonballs on Twitter

We imagine that this new step of Twitter in the direction of the NFTs delighted some of them but this is clearly not the case of Elon Musk, quite the contrary. The boss of Tesla and SpaceX even strongly criticized this idea, calling it “irritating”.

And the billionaire to drive the point home in a second publication: “ Twitter is mobilizing engineering resources for this bullshit as cryptocurrency scammers have fun spamming every message?! »

Elon Musk is referring here to the crypto scams that are multiplying online and especially on Twitter. Malicious actors also often tend to usurp his identity to carry out their scams, his personality being very influential with the “crypto-bros”.

In a report published last year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) already returned to these techniques devised by hackers to steal money. They thus imitate the identity of the boss of Tesla to manipulate Internet users and it works. In the first six months of 2021, no less than $2 million was recovered using this strategy.

Despite this rant, the appeal of NFTs seems very strong on the side of the big platforms. After Twitter, Meta is reportedly working on new features related to non-fungible tokens on Instagram and Facebook. It would be a kind of marketplace where users would be able to sell and buy their digital objects.

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