Elon Musk sands the game and reveals his favorite build

Like what, even with his recent acquisition of Twitter, the current CEO of Tesla still finds time to play Elden Ring. Innocently asked by a player on the social network about his favorite build, Elon Musk surprisingly replied.

Elon Musk gives his favorite build in Elden Ring

Elden Ring may have been released several weeks ago, but the title of FromSoftware continues to agitate the crowds. The community continues to share its tips, like the famous LMSH player who achieved the feat of killing Malenia 1,000 times without dying. But among this mountain of players, there is one that we did not expect: Elon Musk.

It all started with a photo of Hisham’s Palace in Jericho and its mosaic representing the tree of life.The CEO of SpaceX found a resemblance to the Elden Ring universe there and commented: “Elden Ring Vibes “. It was enough to ignite the twittosphere. A player was quick to ask the billionaire about his favorite build.

Elon Musk comments on a photo of Hisham’s Palace: “Elden Ring Vibes”

Elon Musk’s dexterity/intelligence hybrid mage build

Elon Musk would therefore be a skilled in magic to defeat the enemies of the Underworld. With a hybrid mage build that combines dexterity and intelligence, the future CEO of Twitter delivers his personal strategy:

“Shield in left hand, staff in right with rapier and clawsin shortcuts. Switch from heavy armor to medium armor for faster rolls or tanking. Change your talismans often”

Finally, he concludes his message with a “Summon!” which suggests his use of invocations for convenience. It is hoped one day to be able to invoke Elon Musk to help us beat the most recalcitrant bosses (hello Malenia).

The billionaire video game fan

It’s not the first time thatElon Musk makes references to video games and it must be said that every little sentence hits the mark. In January 2021, the Tesla boss sent studio CD Projekt’s stock up 19% after he complimented the game’s aesthetic cyberpunk.

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