Elon Musk says he wants to lift Trump’s Twitter ban

The richest man in the world has decided to buy Twitter to make it a private company, not listed on the stock exchange, and wants to make it a bastion of freedom of expression, which he considers flouted by too strict content moderation .

Elon Musk, here in Washington on April 14, still needs to get support from shareholders and regulators to be able to buy Twitter. © AFP / OLIVIER DOULIERY

Elon Musk said on Tuesday that if he took control of Twitter, he would lift the permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s account decided after the Capitol attack, saying it was a decision “morally bad” and “senseless“. Earlier in the day this Tuesday, May 10, he said he was “on the same wavelength” than the EU in terms of moderation.

“That didn’t stop Trump from being heard”

I think this was a mistake [de suspendre définitivement ce compte] because it alienated much of the country and ultimately did not stop Donald Trump from being heard“Since he is now on his own social network, he stressed during a conference organized by the Financial Times.

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