Elon Musk sells Tesla shares for $6.9 billion

Elon Musk has sold 6.9 billion dollars (6.7 billion euros) in Tesla shares. The boss of the electric car manufacturer explained that the funds obtained could be used if he lost his legal battle against Twitter: “In the event (which I hope is unlikely) that Twitter succeeds in forcing a finalization of the agreement, and that some (of our) financial partners do not show up, it is important to avoid an emergency sale of Tesla shares”wrote the billionaire … on Twitter.

fake twitter accounts

The Tesla boss terminated the Twitter takeover agreement in early July 2022, accusing the group of having breached its contractual obligations by providing in particular erroneous or incomplete data on the number of fake accounts. The creator of SpaceX estimates that 20% of accounts on the micro-blogging network are fake. Twitter rejects this figure, the blue bird network considering that the number of “bots” does not exceed 5%.

Elon Musk and Twitter, I love you too

The creator of SpaceX had created a worldwide buzz by announcing on April 25, 2022 that he wanted to buy Twitter. But on May 13, the billionaire suspended the operation, while waiting to receive new information from the social network about the fake accounts. The case will be resolved in court, and will be decided by Delaware Chancery Court Judge Kathleen McCormick.

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