Elon Musk teases a Gigafactory in Canada

A new Tesla Gigafactory could soon open in Canada to manufacture electric cars. The automaker has not officially announced it yet, but Elon Musk has already teased it at the general meeting of shareholders.

Currently, Tesla owns 6 Gigafactory distributed around the world to manufacture its electric cars. There are 4 in the United States (Fremont, Nevada, New York and Texas), one in Berlin and one in Shanghai. Where will Tesla’s seventh factory be located to assemble the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y? Elon Musk has been mentioning the opening of a new Gigafactory for some time, but he has yet to reveal the specific country or even city.

The Berlin Gigafactory – Credit: Tesla

Tesla CEO started teasing the opening of a Gigafactory in Canada. It would be the first in Canada to open the doors. Nevertheless, this announcement has not yet been officially confirmed by the automaker. Moreover, Tesla puts swimming pools in its charging stations to make drivers wait in the heat.

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“I’m half Canadian,” says Elon Musk teasing the new Gigafactory

During the general meeting of shareholders of Tesla, Elon Musk once again returned to this mysterious Gigafactory. He revealed that Tesla would be preparing to announce the new location “ later this year “. In the meantime, the American businessman at the heart of a legal battle with Twitter couldn’t help but drop a hint.

He asked shareholders: where should we build it? Faced with the crowd who shouted several names of cities and countries, Elon Musk said that: “ we had a lot of Canada. I’m half Canadian, so maybe I should? “. He is actually born in South Africa to a Canadian-South African mother. This is obviously not confirmation that the next Gigafactory will be built in Canada, but it is in any case not impossible.

In June, Elon Musk had already told an employee that Tesla was looking for a new location for its next factory. He explained that: we are looking at locations but are considering some options in North America including Canada and Mexico as well as the United States “. It would therefore seem that Tesla has finally decided to open a Gigafactory in Canada. We just have to wait for the official announcement from the automaker.

Source: Electrek

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