Elon Musk trolls Bill Gates over ‘clean hydrogen’ claim

Elon Musk reacted Thursday with a “hysterically laughing” emoji to a tweet that mocked Bill Gates’ claim that climate change could be solved by relying on hydrogen energy.

Musk, who confirmed on Thursday that he had recently fathered twins with an executive at his brain chip company Neuralink, also found time early Thursday to troll Bill Gates, who on his Twitter account had posted a link to an entry from blog titled “Cut Emissions with Green Hydrogen.”

“Clean, cheap hydrogen would be a big breakthrough, we have many uses for it. Also, if we could bottle up the tooth fairy and clone Santa, and replace public transport with unicorns, we’d be fine,” one Twitter user commented in response to The Post, prompting Musk’s emoji response. .

Musk called the hydrogen fuel cell ideal “appallingly dumb” while calling them “dumb batteries” and a “garbage load”.

Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft who ventured into philanthropy after stepping down from his executive roles at the software giant, touted “the use of solar, wind or nuclear energy to transform water into hydrogen and oxygen” as a potential solution.

Hydrogen fuel is created by burning the compound with oxygen in a process that does not rely on carbon sources. It has been on the market for years and has been used to power internal combustion vehicles such as buses and passenger cars, although its scale has been limited.

Critics of hydrogen note that although it is a renewable source, in its gas phase it is quite volatile and highly flammable. As it is less dense than gasoline, it must be compressed into a liquid state and stored at lower temperatures to ensure its effectiveness.

Converting hydrogen to electricity is also an expensive process that requires separating it from oxygen, an energy-intensive endeavor that requires burning fossil fuels.

Although hydrogen is a renewable energy source, its production is expensive. The image above shows a superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen.

The Tesla CEO, whose $215 billion fortune, which is the largest in the world, comes mostly from shares in his electric car maker, has clashed with Gates elsewhere in recent years.

The Tesla boss slammed Gates for selling Tesla shares short while touting the need to tackle climate change.

An investor who sells a stock short makes a profit if the value of the stock falls. The investor borrows shares of an asset and then resells the borrowed shares to buyers at the market price. The investor sells it with the intention of buying it back later for less money.

After learning that Gates had purchased an all-electric Porsche rather than a Tesla, Musk tweeted in 2020, “My conversations with Gates have been disappointing.”

Gates – the billionaire philanthropist who co-founded Microsoft – is a proponent of hydrogen fuel cells.
Getty Images for TIME

Musk and Gates also went back and forth after the philanthropist hit out at Musk for his comments dismissing the coronavirus pandemic.

“Elon’s positioning is to keep the level of outrageous comments high,” Gates, whose charity has worked to help develop a vaccine and improve disease surveillance, told CNBC in July 2020. .

“He is not very involved in vaccines. He makes a great electric car. His flares work well, so he’s allowed to say those things. I hope he doesn’t confuse too much the areas in which he is not too involved.

In response, Musk joked, “Billy G is not my lover” – presumably a play on the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s hit “Billy Jean”.

“The rumor that Bill Gates and I are lovers is completely untrue,” Musk tweeted.

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