Elon Musk wants trial to be held in 2023

The fight by interposed recourse continues between Elon Musk and Twitter. While the social network recently launched legal proceedings against the multi-billionaire after he abandoned the takeover plan, the company’s board of directors had assured that it hoped that the trial would be held. from next September.

This Friday, July 15, Elon Musk filed a lawsuit so that this trial does not take place until 2023. In a court document cited by the American media, the lawyers of the boss of Tesla accuse the Board of Twitter of wanting send the case. Given the complexity of the elements to be examined, Musk asked not to start the trial before the February 13, 2023.

His lawyers assure that the lawsuit will require analyzing “mountains of data” to prove, as their client claims, that the platform is full of inauthentic accounts, automated accounts and spam, well beyond the proportion of 5% indicated by the company. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in a specialized business law court in Delaware.

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