Elon Musk will become much richer in 2022

The year 2022, that of all records for Elon Musk? According to analysts’ information, reported by CNN on Tuesday January 25, in view of the financial results that Tesla should present this year, the compensation in allocation of shares for the businessman will be very lucrative and will be counted in billions of dollars. dollars. According to the American’s total compensation agreement made in 2018, he is expected to make more or less money depending on the company’s financial and market objectives. And this, via stock options allocated in 12 tranches. According to CNN, despite a recent downturn in the markets, all targets were met there, as well as seven of the financial targets.

Two of the latter were achieved in 2019, two more in 2020 and three in the first nine months of 2021. Elon Musk has therefore already received 59 of the 101 million stock options provided for in his 2018 agreement. should be reached by Tesla in 2022, and he should therefore be able to obtain the remaining stock options, numbering 42 million, thus increasing his wealth.

And this, while he already owns 177.7 million shares of the automaker. Under the compensation agreement, if these options were to be converted in tranches, their aggregate value, given the current Tesla stock price, would reach $36.3 billion. According to Forbes, the fortune of Elon Musk already amounts to more than 241 billion dollars.

According to CNN, no matter how many stock options Elon Musk gets this year, he probably won’t have to pay tax on them for at least five years. He will only pay when he exercises his call option, which he will probably do shortly before the expiration of these options, in 2027-2028. This is how the entrepreneur received a tax notice of 11 billion dollars for the last year. He had then exercised his call options for 22.9 million shares, when they were supposed to expire next August.

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