Elon Musk’s traffic jam tunnels lead to traffic jams

The peak! CES 2022 is a test run for Elon Musk’s anti-traffic tunnel network…but it doesn’t go as planned.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has set itself the goal of building a network of car tunnels under Las Vegas. Dubbed the “Vegas Loop,” the system allows passengers to travel by Tesla to and from places like Las Vegas Strip hotel-casinos, the city’s new soccer stadium, the Las Vegas Convention Center and the airport. International McCarran.

The approved system includes 47 kilometers of tunnels and 51 stations. Around 57,000 passengers can cross it per hour, the whole thing was fully funded by Elon Musk through Tea Boring Company. The vehicles will eventually go through the tunnels autonomously, but for now this is done through drivers. The cars follow the “conduits” and sensors that are installed in the tunnels.

The tunnels are clogged

During CES 2022, however, around 40,000 people are currently on hand (compared to 190,000 at previous exhibitions). CES 2022 conferences and meetings take place all over the city, so the “Vegas Loop” network of tunnels has been used extensively. The irony is that this network of tunnels supposed to avoid traffic jams… has caused traffic jams as we have seen in the video below, shared by Numerama.

It turns out the congestion-busting “future of transport” is already experiencing congestion. pic.twitter.com/yJY9b0Nwjj

— Adam Tranter (@adamtranter) January 6, 2022

This test project is a trial run for the Boring Company, which must succeed in proving that its solution is viable… and not just for cars. Under the criticism that said that these tunnels designed to transport cars would favor the wealthiest, Elon Musk had indeed changed plans for his company and affirmed that it would above all offer public transport. The system was then slightly revised to transport small trains from 8 to 16 passengers.

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