Elon Musk’s troubles with the SEC in a few tweets

Elon Musk’s escapades on Twitter have already earned him some trouble with the police of the American markets. Examples with a series of particularly controversial tweets.

Hyperactive through his multiple activities, Elon Musk is also particularly so on Twitter, where his account has posted more than 17,000 posts since 2009. Accustomed to jokes and other “private jokes”, he expresses himself very freely on everything and does not whatever. Undoubtedly a little too much in the eyes of the SEC, the policeman of the American markets, which did not fail to pin it when it exceeded the regulatory limits related to the financial markets. Overview in a few tweets…

This is the first tweet that really sparks controversy between the billionaire and the SEC. Elon Musk announces plans to take Tesla out of the stock market, of which he is the emblematic boss. He specifies at the time that he will act when the action reaches very precisely 420 dollars and that the financing of the operation is already guaranteed. He will never take action, and the SEC decides to prosecute him on suspicion of “false and misleading statements”.

Less than a year later, another tweet got him in trouble with the SEC for similar reasons. Elon Musk announces that if Tesla did not manufacture any vehicle in 2011, no less than 500,000 will leave the factories in 2019. Except that in the end, 400,000 models will be delivered that year.

In the spring of the following year, when the stock markets were experiencing an impressive rebound in the wake of the covid crisis, Elon Musk saw fit to assert on the social network that the Tesla share price was too high. There followed a 10% drop in the title, which its shareholders must have moderately appreciated, just like the SEC once again.

Last but not least, last fall, Elon Musk launched a poll on Twitter. In the midst of a debate on the taxation of large fortunes in the United States, he proposes to sell 10% of his Tesla shares to contribute to the tax on capital gains realized. The majority of respondents answer him in the affirmative, which causes a fall in the action of more than 15% in two days to the chagrin of the SEC.

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