Engcon launches 3rd generation tiltrotator

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This new version offers advances in durability with smart technology that reduces energy consumption and is suitable for the electrification of excavators. The third-generation tiltrotator system will be shown for the first time at the Norwegian trade fair Vei og Anlegg from May 11 to 13 for commercialization after the summer.

The Engcon tiltrotator dynasty continues! Indeed, the Swede is launching a new generation with technology based on a new type of valves in combination with intelligent software that cooperates with the load-sensing hydraulic system of the excavator.

This optimizes both tiltrotator functions and excavator movements, resulting in smoother excavation with greater precision. At the same time, the wear of the excavator and the need for maintenance also decrease.

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Through an app, the tool also enables a higher degree of individual customization in the form of enhanced possibilities for, among other things, connected remote diagnosis and mobile support.

In addition to energy-saving technology, the new series incorporates EC-Oil, the automatic quick-connect system that easily and smoothly connects the tiltrotator as well as the hydraulics automatically, without the driver having to leave the cab.

“This third generation will be our top of the line offering where the operator gets the very latest technology as standard, whilst benefiting from an energy optimized excavator that becomes even smoother to drive”explained Stig Engström, boss of Engcon.

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