Fearing that Tesla cars could be spying, China banned them for two months around the site of the CCP meeting.

Elon Musk’s Tesla cars have been banned from the Chinese city of Beidaihe for the next two months due to wiretapping during a summit of Chinese Communist Party leaders.

The city of Beidaihe in northeastern China has long been the scene of a secret meeting of China’s top officials, which takes place every summer.

As noted, the restriction will come into effect on July 1. Regarding the reason for the decision, local police said the ban on Tesla cars was due to “national matters”.

A few weeks ago it was decided not to allow Tesla cars on certain highways in Chengdu, and now it has been decided to do the same in Beidaihe. The ban was implemented just as Chinese President Xi Jinping was in the center of the city.

However, Chengdu’s ban was not made public at first; it only became known after footage surfaced on social media showing authorities moving Tesla cars away from certain locations. In response, Musk said the company does not use these cameras “to spy on China.”

But the response hasn’t stopped government entities from banning employees from parking their Tesla cars on public property.

Following these events, Tesla said it would locally store all data acquired in China. A few months later, the company set up a new data center in the country for this purpose, but that didn’t seem to allay concerns.

Just last year, the People’s Liberation Army issued an order prohibiting Tesla owners from parking their vehicles on bases and in building complexes.

The concerns are believed to have centered on Tesla’s use of cameras placed all around its vehicles and where the data went.

Tesla and the Chinese government have enjoyed a good relationship as they reached an agreement that made the American auto giant the first foreign automaker to own an entire car manufacturing plant in China without having to set up a joint venture with a state enterprise.

China is now one of the automaker’s main markets and production sites.

Tesla’s Shanghai factory produced around 936,000 vehicles which were delivered worldwide by the US automaker in 2021. But Shanghai’s strict Covid-19 shutdown has slowed production in recent months.

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