For Apple, iOS 16 would be “an act of love”!

After this week dedicated to WWDC 2022, Craig Federighi and Alan Dye were also sent on duty to promote iOS 16. In a recent interviewthey return to the redesign of the lock screen, and the two phases necessary for the latter.

In fact, it is necessary go back to iOS 14 with the appearance of widgets on the home screen -which is the first step towards personalization. To this was added the application librarywhich allowed users to remove from the home screen the ones they didn’t want to see all the time, but needed anyway.

With iOS 15, a new step is taken with the mode Concentrationwhich made it possible to modulate the alerts / actions of his iPhone according to the times of the day, and specific activities. The latter – which takes a little longer to put in place correctly – was also part of the confinement with homework/homeschooling.

The ground thus prepared, Apple could therefore launch iOS 16 and the personalization of the lock screen. We saw a real opportunity for this point, the possibility of doing something really big – but at the same time something very Apple and very personal. So it’s an act of love!

For Apple, iOS 16 would be

From there, the praise does not stop. Alan Dye even states that the goal here was to return the iPhone even more personal since the lock screen is the icon. The iPhone is still recognizable by the central positioning of the clock, but the firm has changed the font (a first!) and color. Likewise, she would have inspired by the dials and complications (for widgets) of the Apple Watch by letting a portrait photo appear in front of (and no longer behind) the clock, bringing a new effect of depth.

For it, it relied on machine learning. According to Craig Federighi, there would be a dozen neural networks that analyze the photo based on whether it is a suitable subject, if there are people, the way they are framed in the photo, or their expressions. All of these are going to make it possible to automatically pop up some really awesome and compelling options for people and then render them on screen in an innovative way..

Here all the new features of iOS 16! !

For Apple, iOS 16 would be

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