Formula 1 | TV audiences: Will F1 soon be followed more than NASCAR in the USA?

The Miami Grand Prix has been decried by some for its “American-style show” aspect; or even for the lack of spectacle offered during a major part of the race last Sunday.

However, the audience figures have spoken: this Grand Prix has found its audience.

The FOM has thus analyzed the audience figures on 8 reference markets: Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain.

The cumulative audience (qualifying and race) was 12.7 million people for this Grand Prix. That is an increase of one third (+33%) compared to the last Grand Prix disputed in the United States, in Austin last year (which had broken an attendance record with more than 400,000 people).

The race alone attracted +36% viewers again compared to Austin.

France recorded strong growth (1.4 million viewers, i.e. +38% against Austin 2021 as well). Spain does better (0.48 million, +44%) and Italy even more (1.38 million, +70%). Without a doubt, now that Ferrari is fighting for the title, the tifosi are back in front of the television in droves!

It’s the opposite effect in Great Britain: growth is only + 7% compared to 2021. Because Lewis Hamilton and George Russell do not have a Mercedes capable of playing for victories? Perhaps…

And in the United States, Liberty Media’s priority target? The FOM only revealed one promising fact: on Sunday, the race was the second most discussed topic on Twitter in the USA (82,500 tweets).

On social networks, Miami also has more passion than Austin: on F1 applications, videos and sites, there were 8.8 million unique users (+ 32% compared to the GP in Austin in 2021) , 99 million page views (+51% compared to the 2021 GP) and finally 1.4 million video views (+18% compared to the 2021 GP).

F1 soon ahead of NASCAR in the USA?

The NASCAR (Cup Series at Darlington), which was also held last Sunday, certainly attracted more viewers in the United States than F1 (2.61 M vs 2.06 M). But a notable fact, F1 is getting closer and closer to NASCAR.

Moreover among 18-49 year olds, F1 is already in front (735,000 against 517,000). Thanks Netflix!

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