FSD autonomous driving available by subscription

In the United States, Tesla has officially launched its subscription plan for its “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) autonomous device.

Expected for several months, the subscription to the features of the Full Self-Driving device of the Autopilot Tesla is now available in the United States. If customers still have the option of purchasing the “lifetime” option, this subscription formula is much more flexible. Allowing undecided users to test the technology, it could even eventually replace the full purchase offer, billed at €7,500 in France.

From $99 per month

In the United States, the Full Self-Driving package is charged at $199 per month. Those who have already subscribed to the “Enhanced Autopilot” option will receive a preferential rate at $99 per month. Users can subscribe to the offer directly via their mobile application. For vehicles without software interface HW3.0 or above, an upgrade charged $1500 will be required.

While the manufacturer recently recognized difficulties in developing the technology, the FSD is not yet truly a 100% autonomous system. To date, the device integrates Autopilot navigation, auto lane change, auto parking, intelligent auto exit and recognition/reaction to traffic lights and stop signs. Announced as “coming soon”, automated driving in the city is not yet available.

Via their mobile application, Tesla owners in the United States can now subscribe to the FSD subscription offer

Soon in France ?

Currently limited to the American market, will this subscription offer soon be deployed in France and Europe? At this stage, the manufacturer has not communicated on the subject, but we imagine that the formula could eventually land on the European market. Probably with a few months lag compared to the United States which has always acted as a “test market” for Tesla.

And you? What do you think of this FSD subscription plan? Would you be willing to subscribe to it?

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