giant restaurant and open-air cinema, this is what Elon Musk’s slightly crazy project looks like

Tesla has been seeking for several years now to enrich the experience offered to users when charging their vehicle. This is why we often find Superchargers near shopping areas, restaurants or on motorway service areas. With this new project, the brand intends to go much further.

Credits: Ed Howard

If Tesla is known for its electric cars, the brand has been able to diversify its activities over the years. Tesla has launched into the sale of solar panels, with varying degrees of success, while Elon Musk announced at the end of October 2021 the launch of a Tesla beer, the GigaBier.

The company has also made known its ambitions in the catering trades by confirming the forthcoming opening of a chain of restaurants. As you may know, Elon Musk has never hidden his desire to ensure that the passage to the pump, or rather to the charging station, is a pleasant moment for the user. To do this, the billionaire wants to transform Supercharger stations into real entertainment centers.

Moreover, Elon Musk had already mentioned in detail the very first station of this type. Located in Santa Monica, very close to Hollywood, it will house a very large American diner in the style of the 1950s (note: traditional restaurant in the country of Uncle Sam), an open-air cinema and dozens of Supercharger terminals.

tesla diner cinema
Credits: Tesla

Restaurant, cinema and Superchargers, Tesla’s slightly crazy formula

And justly, Tesla has finally filed the building permit for this crazy project. As evidenced by the plans published on Twitter, we do indeed find this large dinner, accompanied by two outdoor cinema screens. According to Tesla, the idea is to broadcast short films of about thirty minutes, which would correspond to the recharge time offered by Superchargers.

Customers will be able to come and recharge their Tesla thanks to the 29 Supercharger terminals 324 kW. According to a Tesla investor, these new terminals will be launched by the end of 2022. And for those less in a hurry, five Tesla Destination Charger stations (Recharge at destination in the language of Molière) will also be available.

Now you’re wondering what that charging pad might look like when it’s finished. Ed Howard, an American architect rather skilled in 3D modeling, used the plans released by Tesla to produce some 3D concepts. We must admit that the result is promising and could well be quite close to Tesla’s vision. The most attentive among you may have noticed the presence of a few easter eggs in these sketches, such as the Tesla Roadster sent into space on screen or the presence of a white Cybertruck in the parking lot of the diner .

tesla diner cinema
Credits: Ed Howard

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