Google Assistant wants to do without “Hey Google”

Remove callout requests to enable helpers (” Say Siri », for example) is not as obvious as it seems. Apple got rid of it on the Apple Watch since watchOS 5, but you have to make the gesture of raising your wrist (and cross your fingers so that Siri gets something, but that’s another story).

Google is launching a new Google Assistant feature for US Nest Hub Max customers today so they no longer have to say ” Hey Google “. You have to look at the connected screen and simply ask it a question.

To take advantage of this function, however, it is necessary to activate the Face Match and Voice Match options, since the Nest must be able to visually identify the user, as well as their voice. Casually, this requires six machine learning models that process a hundred signals from the camera and microphone. Google specifies that the processing of the video necessary for this interaction is carried out locally, on the device.

Still in the same area, the Nest Hub Max will be able to recognize certain routine commands to skip the ” Hey Google reviled. For example ” Turn on the hall lights ” Where ” Starts a 10 minute timer “. These “quick phrases” must be activated beforehand.


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