Google has calculated one hundred thousand billion decimal places of Pi, a new record!

After running a dedicated program for 157 days on its cloud infrastructure, Google sets a new record by calculating one hundred billion billion decimal places of Pi.

We finally know the hundred thousand billionth decimal place of Pi, and it’s… a 0. Google has just set a new record for calculating the number of decimal places of Archimedes’ constant. This feat was achieved by Emma Haruka Iwao, Developer Advocate at Google Cloud.

The one for whom breaking the Pi calculation record was a childhood dream began to look into the question a few years ago by developing a small program dedicated to this office. To carry out her project, she relied on the computing power provided by Google Cloud. The developer is therefore not at her first attempt. Already in 2019, she became the third woman to break the record for calculating the number of decimal places of Pi with some 31,400 billion digits after the decimal point. The computers used to make this calculation ran for 121 days.

A calculation speed that has more than doubled in the space of three years

Not completely satisfied with this brilliant record, she decided to put the cover back in an attempt to go even further. And the results are there. She literally shattered her previous record and, this time, succeeded in calculating one hundred thousand billion decimal places of Pi. But the record does not stop there. Because if the 31,400 billion decimals had required 121 days of calculation in 2019, the one hundred thousand billion decimals were found in just 157 days, all using the same tools. In just three years, Google Cloud’s infrastructure scaling in compute, storage, and network performance got the job done twice as fast.

This incredible technical feat also makes it possible to realize another gigantic figure. The calculation of these one hundred thousand billion decimal places of Pi represents some 82,000 Terabytes of data processed during the calculation. To illustrate the gigantism of this figure, this represents the equivalent of 160,156 Pixel 6 Pro smartphones with 512 GB of storage (the largest storage capacity on these models).

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