Google Maps brings more changes, now to travel and navigation settings

Google Maps is constantly being improved to become even better. He wants to give users the best features and the best interface, without making it difficult to use this great service.

The latest improvement has now appeared quietly and still in beta testing in Google Maps. She wants to simplify the settings, especially in terms of travel planning, and thus facilitate the use of this app.

The last few months have been looking for a substantial improvement in Google Maps. The search giant wants to further simplify its interface, making this service even easier to use on mobile devices. This has been seen on Android and will soon be rolled out to iOS.

The latest novelty has already been seen by some users in the 11.28 beta version of the application dedicated to Android. It has improvements and great changes in the settings, especially regarding the settings that the user has saved.

In particular, these changes relate to the way the user defines his preferred modes of travel. They will now be able to choose which ones will be their favorites and which ones will be used first in the presentation of trips and itineraries.

In addition to this change, Google Maps is apparently remodeling some of its options, still in the area dedicated to travel. These are positioned in areas that will become more useful to use and therefore more important to users.

Being still limited to a restricted group of users and in a beta version, it is not known when Google will make this novelty available to users. It is hoped that it will be available soon, so that it can be tested more widely.

These changes made by Google promise to make this map service even more interesting. Maps continue to be the norm for many users, who use it not only to navigate, but also to get information about the many places on it.

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