Google wants to build a Web3 team

Web3 and Blockchain technology has garnered a lot of interest from companies looking to push community building to new heights and position themselves for the future. Google Cloud has announced that it will launch a dedicated team to work exclusively for this purpose.

A Web3 team within Google Cloud Computing Services

Google Cloud plans to get ahead of the competition by bringing in Web3 developers

According to a detailed report posted by CNBC last Friday, Google will launch a dedicated Web3 team as part of its Cloud Computing business. The new team will create services that will target developers building blockchain and Web3 applications.

It was in a letter that he sent to Google Cloud employees that the vice-president, Amit Zavery, revealed the objective of this approach: it would be for Google to make the Google Cloud IT service the point starting point for Web3 developers. In his letter, Zavery writes: While the world is still in the early stages of adopting Web3, it is a market that is already showing huge potential with many customers asking us to increase our support for Web3 and cryptocurrency-related technologies.. »

For VP Zavery, Google wasn’t looking to get directly involved in the Web3 space, but to provide the necessary backend infrastructure for developers in this nascent industry. This latest move comes as Google continues to lag behind Amazon in terms of cloud computing market share.

If Zavery is to be believed, Google hopes the move will make it easier for the public to view blockchain records, while easing the process of building blockchain nodes and validating transactions. Also, he added that the tools they will build will be compatible with other platforms of cloud computing.

Big Tech recognizes the potential of blockchain

Google’s new initiative follows a commitment it made in January to build for this nascent market. At that same time, the same Google Computing cloud service had already created a team to work on digital assets.

However, Google isn’t the only big tech company looking to embrace and build around Web3. In a leaked memo in December, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth actively encouraged staff to engage in partnerships with blockchain and Web3 companies.

Apple also made a name for itself last year by requiring candidates for a business development manager position to have cryptocurrency experience.

The growing interest of Big Tech in blockchain and Web3 shows that these new technologies have acquired some credibility which constrains the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook-Meta, Amazon) to rally. The whole question is: will these companies that value their centralization and control be able to enter into the decentralized philosophy of blockchain and Web3?

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