Google’s AR glasses translate in real time and it’s fantastic

The Google I/O keynote is always an opportunity for the search engine to open a small window on the future, at least a possible future imagined by the thinking heads of the group. Last year we were treated to the presentation of the Starline 3D screen project for more real-life video calls.

For the 2022 edition of the developer conference, the company showed a concept of glasses integrating its translation service. Microphones listen to the user’s interlocutor, and the translation appears (a priori) on the live glass. Google hasn’t gone into detail, so it’s unclear how this devilry works – is it an actual prototype? — but the demonstration is in any case very eloquent.

“Simulated point of view”

It is not known when this product will be released, if it really is released, its price or its technical characteristics. It is also not known how it is possible to interact with the glasses. In short, many questions around this device, but what is almost certain is that this use case is a very relevant example for augmented reality (who said ” the only ?).

Remember that Google has in its pipes connected glasses known as Project Iris, which could be released in 2024.


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