Google’s New Smartwatch Could Take Market Share From Apple Watch


News: AppleWatch shipments increased 6.6% year-over-year in Q1’22catapulting Apple to almost 31% wearable market shareaccording to the new data from the International Data Corporation (IDC).

How we got here: The increase in Apple Watch shipments coincides with US consumers’ increased interest in digitally tracking their health information.

40% of healthcare professionals “strongly agree” or “agree” the use of wearable devices by their patients has increased since the start of the pandemic, According to an SSCG MAP MD survey of 3,239 suppliers.


  • More consumers are likely opting for commercial smartwatches like Apple’s than medically prescribed ones.
  • A lot (43% of patients think commercial wearables (like the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Oura) are easier to use than devices prescribed for medical purposes (9%), by a 2022 Software Advice survey.

Data breakdown: Apple increased its lead as the top wearables shipper in Q1, while major rivals like Samsung shipped even fewer devices than a year earlier.

  • Apple ships approx. 32 million wearables during Q1’22. This is up from 30.1 million shipments in Q1’21.
  • Meanwhile Samsung (the #2 wearables shipper) distributed 10.9 million wearables in Q1’22. This is down from 12.1 million wearables it was shipped during the same period in 2021.

What is the next step? Google didn’t make IDC’s list this year, but the company’s new Pixel Watch may eventually come for the Apple Watch.

Apple’s huge lead in market share will undoubtedly make it difficult for other smartwatch vendors to catch up this year. But if consumers join in, Google’s new Pixel Watch could be a game-changer.

Unlike Fitbit, which is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, the Pixel Watch will only be compatible with Android phones.

  • Pixel Watch users will use Google-owned apps and services (like Google Maps) more frequently. This is a similar approach to Apple keeping users within its own ecosystem (eg Apple Maps is only available on Apple devices).
  • There are more Google-Android users than Apple iPhone users in the United States. Google has 131.3 million US Android users, while Apple trails with 124.7 million iOS users in the US., by Insider Information.

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