Here are the biggest Tesla crashes this year

If you enjoy seeing crumpled sheet metal and (a lot) of human stupidity, then the video below is probably for you. IWe must thank Tesla for its creation. Indeed, these little jewels of technology have so many cameras that the slightest problem encountered by a driver of one of these vehicles can be recorded. A godsend for the Wham Baam Teslacam YouTube channel, which has put together the top 20 accidents involving a Tesla.

To drink and to eat

The least we can say is that there is no shortage of accidents! In order to create this montage, no less than 20 videos containing more than 400 accidents were analyzed! And all of them have only been posted since the beginning of the year! There is food and drink: pileups, bad weather, hit and run, etc. if you think these accidents all originated across the Atlantic, think again. A clip from Germany slipped into the edit. Europe or USA, accidents happen everywhere.

Safe and sound

Let’s be clear, not all of these crashes are caused by owners of an American brand vehicle.. If they could be recorded, it simply means that a Tesla was involved, both as a victim and at fault, or even simply a witness. Be also reassured, if these accidents are sometimes incredibly violent, the occupants are always…Read more on Autoplus

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