His child spends 2350 in in-app purchases on his iPhone (Apple reimburses him!)

Regularly, some parents lament substantial purchases made by their children, and in particular the insufficiency of certain protections at the time of validation. In the past, Apple has repeatedly been the subject of criticism after children made transactions at more or less expensive prices on iPhones or iPads.

Recently, the Californian firm has refuse of refund 23 successive in-app purchases made by a 10-year-old girl on TikTok, for the tidy sum of 2,012 pounds (2,350 euros approximately!). In his defense, the parent explained that he had offered an iPhone to his autistic child at Christmas and presented learning difficulties. He would have discovered the existence of the purchases only on receipt of the invoices and would have tried – in vain – to obtain their reimbursements.

Referred to the Apple site, he denounces the lack of informationbefore specifying you can lose so much money in minutes. For him, there is a real failure on the part of Applewhich does not have not identified unusual activity on the account and who hasn’t not protected by blocking suspicious payments. He also believes that customer service was totally non-existent on this one.

But, as part of the investigation, Cupertino has indeed denied any responsibility because no parental security option had been activated for this iPhone. In fact, she feels that she may intervene in case technical problems, for example if the control parameters have been activated and have not played their role. It was not the case.

Upon contacting TikTok on this account, it was found that the user had verified status and had four million followers. The platform first said that no rules were broken, before finding out that the user in question had violated the guidelines on fraud and scams. The story ends rather well for this family, since Apple finally agreed to reimburse the parent in full (only because there was an obvious scam) and reminded them of the existence of parental controls!

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His child spends 2350 on in-app purchases on his iPhone (Apple reimburses him!)

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