how technology can change the game

The words sound a bit like an oxymoron: connected campaign. And yet, the Grand Est is a model in this area. High-speed, high-tech agriculture, robotized industries and opening up, the region plays on all levels. This is the theme of the new issue of “Regional surveys” on France 3 Grand Est.

The connected campaign is the theme of this new magazine fromArea surveys on France 3 Grand Est. Here are three good reasons to see it in replay below.

Stick to received ideas. If there is indeed a divide that should no longer exist in the Grand Est, it is the territorial digital divide. Thanks to a plan for the region, “the pact for rurality”, each municipality, however small and landlocked it may be, should be connected to very high speed by the end of 2022.

In Châtillon-sous-les-Côtes (Meuse), Christophe Clesse has seen the “revolution” that very high speed has brought to his home. Despite low population densities, fiber should arrive in every home by the end of the year. “Equal opportunity“, according to Philippe Mangin, vice-president of the regional council.

Thus, as in large cities, rural people can choose telework, without fear of video interruption or interminable download times. Besides the travel time saved, the benefit of working from home is doubly felt.

But the connected territory is also the guarantee of being able, as in the city, to use and benefit from carpooling and car-sharing applications, which recreate social ties and reduce the environmental impact. It is also the possibility of geolocating the volunteer rescuers near the needs, making it possible to make the link before the arrival of the help which can sometimes come from afar. Finally, it is a line of thought to promote telemedicine, at a time when the lack of doctors is sorely felt in rural areas.

And the attractiveness of rural areas is increased accordingly. Thus Haute-Marne is proud of its high-tech site “Nogentech” which brings together 52 metalworking companies, including the Forges de Bologna at the forefront of robotization.

But it is above all agriculture that is experiencing a revolution linked to new technologies, digital technology and geolocation: automated milking robots, exoskeleton to accompany manual milking, drones for sowing, spreading fertilizers or weeding robots.

All these innovative technologies are good for reducing the hardship of a profession that is struggling to recruit young people, due to working conditions.

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