How to find out who viewed your Google Docs

Google Docs has made our lives a lot easier by allowing us to work with our colleagues on the same document at the same time. It also gives us the ability to see who is making what changes to the file. Of course, the main reason why Google Docs is widely used in offices is the level of flexibility and convenience that this tool offers.

Who viewed your Google Docs?

Anyone with access to a particular docs file can open it at any time and view the version history to see who commented on the file and made changes. The changes are also highlighted for your convenience.

Version history tells you almost everything you need to know about changes to the Google Docs file, but it doesn’t give you contact information for who read the documents.

Simply put, if someone accesses your docs file and reads it without commenting or editing, there is absolutely no way for you to know that they checked the file.

However, a recently launched feature now makes it possible to check who has read the document. You just need to configure this function in your Google documents to know who viewed your files.

If you too are looking for a way to check the list of people who accessed and read your Google Docs file, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we are going to show you some easy and effective ways to check who viewed your Google Docs file.


Activity Dashboard

Note that this method is only available to people with a Google Space Pro account. So, to be able to know who viewed your Google Docs file, you need to have a Workspace account.

Here’s how:

Ouvrez le fichier Google Docs dont vous souhaitez suivre les visiteurs.
Dans le coin supérieur gauche de l'écran, vous verrez la barre de menu. Cliquez sur Outils.
Cliquez ensuite sur l'option Tableau de bord des activités.

who viewed your google docs

Sous le tableau de bord des activités, vous verrez deux options : Partagé avec et Tous les visiteurs.
L'option "Tous les utilisateurs" permet de savoir qui a consulté votre fichier docs et à quelle heure. Vous pouvez également filtrer la liste des consultations par heure.

who viewed your google docs

La section "Historique de partage" est destinée aux personnes qui souhaitent vérifier avec qui elles ont partagé ou non le fichier.

Get G-Suite’s Activity Monitor

G-Suite is primarily used by people who use Google Docs to collaborate. So, if you want to collaborate with other people, you can get G-Suite. It allows you to track the total number of visitors to your Google Docs through the “Activity Monitoring” tab.

Just like the method above, this trick will help you track the total number of visitors to your file as well as the time they viewed it. You can also check it using the up arrow located in the right corner of the screen. Note that G-Suite is a paid version and is probably the only way to access information about who has viewed your Google Docs.

Can Google Docs View History be turned off?

Of course, it is possible to disable the consultation history in Google Docs. If you don’t want to see who’s viewed your profile, here are the steps to turn off view history.

Ouvrez Google Documents.
Allez dans "Outils".
Cliquez sur "Moniteur d'activité", puis sur "Paramètres des documents".
Désactivez l'historique des consultations pour le document en question.

And There you go ! Your viewing history will no longer be visible.

Version control is an important part of your Google Docs file. It lets you know who has viewed your docs file and made changes to it. This option allows you to know who has had access to your document and modified it. This option is not only available for Gsuite users, it is also available for users of the free version of Google Docs. Here is how you can check who modified your docs file:

Ouvrez le fichier docs
Cliquez sur Fichier, puis sur Historique des versions
Cliquez sur "voir l'historique des versions".

A new window on the right side of the screen will show you the details of the author of the changes made to your file and the changes made.

These changes are highlighted so you know where the changes were made. You can also use this option to check the previous version or the original version of the document, that is, the one that has not been modified. You can roll back to the previous version if you are unhappy with the current changes to your document.

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