How to increase women’s health life

Today, I’d like to talk about life expectancy. Global statistics show that women live longer than men. But if you look at the statistics related to the disease. There is something called healthy life. Now talk about women’s health life.

What should we do to increase women’s healthy life? (women’s health life)

Why? I’m going to tell you that story today. What should we do to increase women’s healthy life, along with the reason why women live longer than men?

The Ministry of Health and Welfare recently released OECD health statistics. According to the story, the life expectancy of Korean women is 85.7. Men are 79.6 years old. Women live longer for about six years. But the statistics for other countries are almost the same.

Women live longer. Why is that?

There is a difference of about 6 to 8 years. Women live longer. Why is that? Many scholars say that this is why there is a difference in living habits. I think men have worse lifestyles than women. I eat too much. Also, men drink and smoke more than women. That’s why women say they live longer.

There is a more important reason. That’s the inevitable difference in genes. If you look at the research team from New South Wales University in Sydney. I collected data about chromosomes and life expectancy. The result is that on average, the same chromosome sex lived about 17.6 percent longer than the same chromosome.

The same chromosome is the xx chromosome, the female. Different chromosomes, or XY chromosomes, mean male. So women have a gene that lives about 17.6 percent longer than men. These results were found in animals other than humans, and the results were the same. But that’s not the case with a healthy life.

Health life span (women’s health life)

Health life span is the life span that we live healthy without getting a disease. Of course, healthy life is shorter than expected. The larger the difference, the longer you live with the disease. But if you look at the data from the National Statistical Office in Korea. The duration of a woman’s illness, or illness, is 5.1 years longer than that of men. This means that women have been sick longer. I told you that women have six years longer life expectancy than men in our country. http://Wikipedia

If a woman has a 5.1-year-long illness, then eventually, men and women have similar health life expectancy and women. In fact, it’s not important to live long, but it’s important to live healthily without getting sick. So it’s important to increase your health life.

What should we do to increase women’s healthy life expectancy?

What should we do to increase women’s healthy life expectancy? If you look at the statistics. We compared various diseases, and one of the most common diseases that women get compared to men, namely, musculoskeletal disorders, which have a large difference in prevalence. Women have a 72.9% prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders, while men have only 55.6%. So if women are good at preventing musculoskeletal disorders, they can extend their healthy life expectancy. So what are musculoskeletal disorders? Intervertebral disc exudation, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

So we have to prevent these things. That’s why women should always pay attention to increasing muscle mass. In fact, these diseases can occur better because women’s muscles are more likely to shrink faster than men’s. So, women should eat protein well to increase muscle mass.

Also, it is very important to work out your muscles together. Along with him, the prevention of osteoporosis is also very important.

Women suffer from osteoporosis rapidly as menopause comes. Therefore, it is very important for women to take vitamin D and eat good food to prevent osteoporosis.

Today, I told you about life expectancy. Living long is important, but I told you how important healthy life is. Since the healthy life expectancy of women is not much different from that of men, I hope you live a healthy life by preventing musculoskeletal disorders well.

Thank you.

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