“I had a real problem” with my KIA EV6, an owner testifies

In France, 16 Tesla superchargers have been open to competition since Monday, January 31. This figure has not changed for three months.

Until now reserved only for owners of the brand, the network of Tesla superchargers is gradually opening up to other manufacturers. After a first pilot experiment launched last November in the Netherlands, Tesla is extending its program to France with a first network of 16 stations open to all.

Bjorn Nyland, one of the most respected Youtuber in the EV sphere has shared his charging experience with his KIA EV6 and finds a notable problem. He also owns a Tesla Model 3 but pulled out his KIA EV6 to celebrate the fantastic news shared last week. He experimented with the system in the Netherlands, in the Paris region.

Without a magnetic card or bank card, access to the Tesla network terminals is via the manufacturer’s mobile application. To do this, you must first create an account and fill in your bank details. Once the registration has been completed, it is once again the application that “drives” the activation of the terminal. All you have to do is connect your car to one of the superchargers, then enter the reference in the application to start charging.

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Rather simple as operation, confirms it to us the owner of the KIA EV5: “ It works great. Good with a CCS at 50kW it’s not very fast but I had during my charge 26 kWh with a battery at 70%. He stayed there for 30 minutes.

A real problem though

The problem is that the EV6 fails to properly lock the socket. Unfortunately, anyone can unplug the plug while charging. It might just be a simple startup issue that will be fixed in a future update, but it’s still problematic nonetheless.

For now, the KIA EV6 is the only EV with which the Supercharger terminals do not seem compatible. We had feedback on a trial with a Zoé which went very well. Failure to lock the charging socket can lead to serious conflicts between drivers, as pressing the button on the socket will disconnect a non-Tesla vehicle from a supercharger.

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