in California, the city of Laguna ravaged by a fire



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In California, a sudden fire destroyed about twenty luxury houses on the coast, in Laguna (United States). The firefighters had to fight for several days.

It was a gigantic blaze that ravaged the hills of Laguna, California (United States), a small wealthy town 80 km south of Los Angeles. Fanned by strong winds, the fire immediately spread. More than twenty houses were ravaged by the flames, despite the rapid intervention of firefighters. A few hours later, the residents who had been evacuated returned to the site to assess the damage. Some have lost everything.

“Everything is devastated, we are very shocked. When the fire broke out, everyone left in a hurry”, says a resident. California is now exposed all year round to this type of disaster. “The winds that caused the fire are not unusual. The big difference is climate change”said Capt. Virgil Asuncion, Orange County Fire Chief.

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