In Luxembourg: Google’s project to set up in Bissen could be reassessed

Nothing stands in the way of the establishment of a Google data center in Bissen. “In March, there was a final judgment following the appeal of the ecological movement denouncing the modification of the PAG”, recalls MP Laurent Mosar (CSV). He asked a broader question about the future of this project, this Wednesday, in public session, to the Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot.

The minister indicated that discussions were taking place with the American giant but that he has no response. Franz Fayot does not exclude a “strategic reorientation, a modification of the project, even substantial”. “We did not expect this response, adds the deputy. We thought the project would resume. We now wonder if it will be carried out but above all what project will be carried out. If there is indeed a reorientation, it will probably be necessary to take all the steps again”. So this new project is not about to see the light of day, when we know that that of the data center has been in the pipeline since 2017.

The State has a right of first refusal on these lands if Google decides not to build a data center in Bissen. The minister said he was putting “pressure on Google” to get things moving. “Franz Fayot is of the opinion that land cannot remain undeveloped. There are so many companies, industries that are looking for land, ”concludes the Christian-Social MP.

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