In New Aquitaine, technology to better manage tourist flows

Hupi was selected after the 2021 call for ideas from the Tourisme Lab Nouvelle-Aquitaine, which focused on the theme of managing tourist flows in mountain areas. Its solution “enables continuous counting of people and vehicles at different places of passage, thanks to cameras embedded with processing software”. The processed data then makes it possible to provide various services: number of people present on a site, predictions for the days to come, history, recommendations for redirection to other sites, etc. presented via physical panels (roadside, tourist offices, etc.). ), mobile applications or websites.

After a first experiment during the summer of 2021 on 4 test sites (the Bénou plateau, the Bious Artigues lake, the Sanchèse plateau and the Iraty forest), which made it possible to “validate the concept and operation of the and identify areas for improvement”, the tool will be extended to new sites for the summer of 2022. It will also be enriched with new functionalities relating to its energy autonomy, its connectivity, the improvement of its affluence or its purely physical installation.

A structure created in 2020

In addition, two other solutions intended to better regulate tourist activity in the region will be tested this summer. First, the application, winner of the first call for ideas, conducted in 2020. This works thanks to the data entered, in real time, by the lifeguards (water temperature, crowds …) and other third-party data (weather, tides, accessibility, etc.), made available to Tourist Offices and other tourist promotion bodies. The experiment carried out in July and August 2021 on the island of Oléron will be repeated this summer.

Finally, at the end of its third call for ideas, which focused on the reuse of textiles and furniture from social tourism accommodation, the Tourism Lab Nouvelle-Aquitaine selected the solutions of the Tisséna group and the Atelier Déco Solidaire. The first experiments will take place this summer on 7 member sites of UNAT Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

As a reminder, the Tourism Lab Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s mission is to structure and animate a network of tourism innovation bringing together all the actors to bring out innovative projects. It was created in 2020 by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

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