Intracom Telecom deploys wireless communication technology in an African mine

Intracom Telecom, a global provider of telecommunications systems and solutions, announced the delivery and deployment of its fixed wireless access ecosystem, the WiBAS™️ point-to-multipoint (PtMP) platform and the uniMS™️ platform, in the one of the largest mines in Africa. The use of high frequency PtMP technology over the vast area of ​​the mine is one of the many uses of this technology.

Mining companies are able to take advantage of the latest technologies to ensure not only high capacity but also long range to cover large areas and connect with lightweight network resources, remote points to a central hub. Intracom Telecom claims to have pioneered the use of its PtMP technology for surface mining on the African continent.

The communication foresees the need for transmission technology capable of carrying two-way digital traffic at ultra-fast speeds. In the harsh mining environment, WiBAS technology is used to provide high quality broadband services and avoid the costs and hassles associated with running cables. WiBAS systems can be easily installed in any facility and scaled to support larger coverage areas, with more devices and higher capacities if required.

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