iOS 16: All the improvements to Apple Maps on your iPhone

During WWDC, Apple showed off a 3D map of Las Vegas

The next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 16, includes several improvements for the Maps app which will soon be available on your iPhone. With the new OS, Maps users will be able to experience new features such as hop-on hop-off routes and more transit information.

Multistop routing lets you plan up to 15 stops in advance, and Plans will store previous routes. You can also schedule hop-on hop-off itineraries on your Mac and send them to your iPhone before departure. Siri integration gives you the ability to easily add stops to your route if you’re already on the road.

If you use public transport, iOS 16 aims to provide more information such as the fare. You can also add transit cards to your wallet and top up your transit card balance without leaving the Maps app.

Separately, Apple is rolling out its new map features, which the company launched in 2021, to 11 more countries later this year, including France, Switzerland and New Zealand. Updates include features for cyclists and 360-degree street-level views.

The redesign finally adds a 3D view, which offers more detail for roads, landmarks, and other locations. During the WWDC presentation, Apple showed off a 3D map of Las Vegas and said it plans to do the same for six other cities, including Miami, Chicago and Sydney. article adapted by CNET France

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