iOS 16: HDR10+ support disappears from the Apple TV app

One of the few new features in tvOS 16 and the Apple TV app may have skipped. The manufacturer has removed any mention of HDR10+ support in the news pages of iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura. tvOS 16 not having the right to any mention on the Apple site for the moment, we cannot say that support for HDR10+ has finally jumped, but there is serious doubt.

On the iOS 16 What’s New page before the reference to HDR10+ disappeared.

Until yesterday, these pages indicated support for the latest generation of this HDR technology, which uses dynamic metadata embedded in video streams. A way to optimize the rendering on the screen and to be amazed.

Picture: Panasonic.

Impossible to know what motivated this sudden disappearance, technical problem or law at the last minute? It is certainly a niche novelty (you must have a compatible television and the content that goes well), but for those who are lucky enough to have all this at hand, this function would have been welcome. But maybe she’ll come back, courage.

We found the new features of tvOS 16

We found the new features of tvOS 16


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