iPhone 14 Pro: Apple’s phone will have more rounded corners!

The iPhone 14 unleashes passions even before its release. The latest news, the design of this new phone has everything to please.

The iPhone 14 continues to intrigue crowds despite not being released yet. To believe our iPhone Addict colleaguesthis new phone would have a completely different design which has everything to please. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

iPhone 14: the new phone mold leaked on the Web

To date, thousands of you have succumbed to the countless products Apple. It must be said that the marketing teams constantly go out of their way to build customer loyalty… And attract new customers.

The prices are not always given, but the quality of the articles is always there. Everything is good to stand out competing brands.

Last weekend, Apple made the buzz because a leak on the iPhone 14. According to the latest news, the new range should be unveiled in the coming months.

You will have the choice between four models. So the “Max” model should make people happy! The “Mini” has gone by the wayside.

You understood it well, you will have therefore entitled to an XXL screen. Overall good news! With, you will be envious, that’s for sure.

It was Weibo – via MacRummors that unveiled the likely molds for the 6.1-inch iPhone 14. But also that of the 6.7-inch 14 Max, the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 pros Max.

Without forgetting the iPhone 14 pro Max of 6.7 inches as specified by Screenrant. For its part, Apple preferred to remain silent on this subject.

In any case, it was found that the upcoming design of this new phone would be similar to older models. Only the corners seem more rounded. The proof in pictures.

iPhone 14 Pro: Apple’s phone will have more rounded corners!

Internet users are on the lookout

It’s no secret that Ian Zeblo makes countless products for Apple. All models are inspired by new trends and consumer expectations.

Obviously theiPhone 14 Pro Max should not change masses. Same story for the standard iPhone 14.

But there should be an improvement in the photo block. Particularly the main 48-megapixel sensor.

In editorial, we can’t wait to have this little gem in our hands to test it. Not you ?!

Also, the lens should be much wider than that of the iPhone 13 pro. So there will be some changes to its space.

And finally the screen will be big enough. Say goodbye to the notch!

Also, the edges of the phone should be thinner. These changes would mainly affect the Pro models.

On the Web, the Twittos are on the cleats on this subject. They are thousands to imagine the designs to come. But also the next features of the new phones.

“I think an iPhone with a true full screen will arrive in 2024”, Apple line specialist Ming-Chi Kuo said on Twitter. ” In 2024, high-end iPhones should adopt an additional front camera under the screen of a Face ID module under the screen. »

In his post, he also clarified that the “ low-light conditions will weigh heavily on the quality of the front camera, and the image processor and algorithms will be key to improvement.” To be continued…

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