iPhone 14: Top 4 big news for Apple’s phone!

Our colleagues from L.Frii have just taken stock of the iPhone 14 and the expected new features of the Apple phone.

Only a few more days to wait before the announcement of the iPhone 14. Apple should unveil the new features of its project and many rumors have been circulating for several weeks. We take stock in the following lines.

What about IOS?

But before talking about the next iPhone, perhaps we should dwell on a point that affects all Apple fans. Namely, the holders of any version of the phones of the Cupertino company.

We are referring here to IOS 16. Indeed, the new update should soon point the tip of its nose. And as for the iPhone, the rumors around this update are very numerous. But what are they about? The answer in the next lines.

At first, we can note that Apple manages to amaze us every time. By always offering more novelties even over the years. Regarding IOS 16, we should be entitled to an update of the notifications.

But also a focus mode. By activating it, you will avoid being disturbed by the arrival of new notifications. But users of the Cupertino phone will also benefit from various advantages concerning the health mode.

Improving this mode will allow you to know your sleep better. In order to improve this. But are all these improvements only going to be available on the latest versions of the iPhone? As can often be the case?

Apparently not. Indeed, according to Apple, all previous versions should benefit from it. It remains to be seen if the brand will really keep its promises, or if it will change its tune at the last moment.

iPhone 14: Top 4 big news for Apple’s phone!

What’s New in Apple’s iPhone 14

At first, according to the first rumors, the iPhone 14 should take advantage Apple’s satellite network. He would be the first to use this new function. He might even have the Face ID function under the screen.

A new design for the iPhone

For its other novelties we can talk about the most obvious. To know phone design. As you can imagine, this should once again be modified. It remains to be seen what look it will have.

A new photo sensor

The novelties are also at the level of the camera. This one will be improved according to the first rumors. While we have always been entitled to 12 megapixels, that of the iPhone 14 could be entitled to a 48 megapixel sensor.

New chip for the iPhone

Regarding the new phone’s chip, once again, a nice surprise awaits us. A15 chips should remain Apple’s safe bet. However, the 14 pro and pro Max versions should be entitled to an A16 chip.

A new color?

What about the color of the iPhone 14? Again, you might be very surprised. Because yes, after the famous green of the iPhone SE, version 14, it could be entitled to purple. Fingers crossed for the right to more traditional colors.

A few more days to wait before discovering all this. To find out if it was verified information or just rumours. Hoping that the majority remains proven information.

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