iPhone: Apple soon forced to make a phone with a USB-C port?

Will the iPhone have to abandon its traditional charger? Europe is once again encouraging Apple to discuss a change.

Europe returns to the charge with Apple! While the EU has already asked the brand to switch to universal charger, a new release is yet to push the designers of the iPhone to change. MCETV explains everything!

An unfriendly charger

Because Apple sometimes manages to get along with Europe. And sometimes not. So when the EU commits phone brands to stop giving chargers and earphones to each smartphone sold, the apple brand applies carefree.

It must also be said that this represents economies of scale for iPhone sellers… And that prices in Europe, without earphones or chargers, haven’t really gone down. Only France has more or less escaped this rule.

But Europe had another charger request with Apple: switching to the universal charger. This time, the brand seems much less sensitive to this request than to the other. And negotiations seem to have stalled for years.

Europe does not seem ready to let go. The Parliament thus publishes a press release that the creators of the iPhone are not likely to miss. They remind thata single USB-C charger could arrive in all 27 countries.

The parliament adds a short note to the attention of Apple. Because the majority of manufacturers already seem ready to submit to this rule. But an apple brand still and always resists EU proposals.

iPhone: why change charger?

Yet Europe is seeking to switch to a greener model. If she wants the end of the lightning charger so that all brands are USB-C, it is above all a question of change. Because it is intended to “reduce electronic waste”.

Everyone would have the same chargers: no more switching between devices, regardless of the brand chosen. And if the creators of iPhone have a time explained their choice for power issues, they can no longer.

In effect, the switch to USB-C is a huge power gain. Apple has long defended its charger because the universal charger suffered from comparison… But this time, the Apple brand doesn’t have too many reasons to refuse.

Worse still, the iPhone does not yet have a USB-C port. But some iPads or other MacBooks do. Which clearly shows the beginning of an openness from Apple… which does not seem not ready to leave too much room for universality for the moment. And for good reason.

The brand is indeed seeking to develop its MagSafe technology. It prides itself on a technology that charges much faster than the others… Even if the USB-C charger holds the comparison once again without too much trouble.

The fact remains that the iPhones come out in November. And that it seems impossible that the “negotiations on a universal charger in order tooptimize the use of different types of devices laptops » desired by the EU will be achieved by then.

This therefore gives Apple time to refine its MagSafe technology. And eventually, why not, to offer a phone that does not need a charger. An idea that would fit with the directives of Europe… and with the financial requirements of Apple.

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