It’s official, Apple is abandoning the iPod touch and drawing a line under the iPod

Apple has just announced the end of the marketing of the iPod touch. The apple brand is turning the page on the iPod, a walkman that has accompanied it for more than twenty years.

We had somewhat forgotten about it in recent years, but the iPod always occupied a small place on Apple’s shelves. Symbol of a bygone era, the iPod will definitely retire after more than twenty years of good and loyal service. Apple just announced discontinuation of the iPod touch and thus the end of the iPod. “ Since its introduction over 20 years ago, the iPod has captivated users around the world who appreciate being able to take their music on the go. Today, the experience of taking your music library around the world has been integrated across the entire line of Apple products – from iPhone and Apple Watch to iPad and Mac –”writes the American brand on its site.

The end of the iPod is logical and the walkman was no longer really highlighted. The iPod touch, renewed to everyone’s surprise in 2019, was the last survivor of a product that propelled Apple to the top long before the iPhone. In total, it would have passed more than 400 million iPods, all models combined, in just over twenty years.

After more than 20 years of existence, the iPod bows out

Appeared in 2001, the small walkman will have revolutionized the music industry ; experiencing multiple variations in the 2000s. With the arrival of the iPhone and smartphones, it declined and Apple turned away from this product that marked its history. The end of the commercialization of the iPod classic in 2014 had already sounded the end of the iPod as such; the touch model being more presented as a “cousin” of the iPhone, without the telephony or photo functions.

The first iPod was launched on October 23, 2001. © Apple

Apple announces that the iPod touch will be Available while supplies last, before taking a well-deserved retirement. Its player is still available in six finishes and three storage capacities; 32 GB (249 euros), 128 GB (359 euros) and 256 GB (469 euros). High prices for a device with limited performance, which suffers from comparison with smartphones.

After the iPod, music is more present than ever at Apple

For the Cupertino giant, the music continues to occupy an important place and the firm confirms that “the spirit of the iPod lives on”. In all the products struck with an apple, there is a bit of the iPod and a musical experience. The iPhone, its designated successor, has successfully accompanied the firm for 15 years.

The company run by Tim Cook can also count on products like the Apple Watch; the HomePod mini or its Macs, iPads and AirPods. As for the music, it is now shared in streaming via Apple Music. The iPod is dead, but music lives on at Apple.

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