Jean-François REMESY talks about his experience with Oticon More ™, the disruptive sound processing technology!

World leader in hearing aids, Oticon equips Jean-François Remesy, one of the best French golfers of recent years, with Oticon More: the world’s 1st hearing aid equipped with a Deep Neural Network (DRN) fed with 12 million sound scenes, with impressive precision and processing power that transform the personal and professional daily life of the users who wear it, as evidenced by the double winner of the French Open.

A full soundscape for better day-to-day operation

To have better access to speech in a complex listening environment, the user needs
to hear a complete soundstage. The clearer and more precise it is, the less the brain is tired.. As a result, the user participates and interacts more easily in daily life (social and professional).

Oticon has changed my life. Before, the scintillation noises were very aggressive. Now with the devices I have the original 360° sound and I can hear everyone around me without having to focus on just one speaker.

Jean-Francois Remesy

Oticon More™ is the world’s first hearing aid that allows users to hear all meaningful sounds, and with highly intelligent Deep Neural Network features, achieve precise processing of almost all sounds in the world. Nourished by 12 million extremely rich audio extracts, the RNP learns like the brain and is then able to process all sound scenes..

State-of-the-art technology for ultra-precise sound

Oticon offers the most natural reproduction of sound environments, faithful to reality. M Remesy specifies that “ Since I’ve been wearing this device in golf, it’s really become a help. I find a return to the level of its exceptional ! On the courses, I now hear every noise with precision and this allows me to have better performance. “.

With unparalleled precision, background noise is suppressed, allowing the wearer of Oticon More to enjoy a full soundstage in comfort. Thereby, the brain receives all the meaningful sounds it needs to allow it to function naturally : this is the founding principle of Oticon’s exclusive approach, BrainHearing.

The complete universe of Oticon More

Positioned discreetly behind the ear, Oticon More is powerful enough to deliver the whole soundstage to the brain, outpacing traditional technologies.

Equipped with a dedicated application, Oticon ON, the user can also easily control their hearing aids with their smartphone.

I adjust the volume, find lost devices instantly, but also I can answer the phone with it. This is the most useful and surprising function for those around me too!

Jean-Francois Remesy

Oticon More is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (miniRITE R), and as Mr. Remesy confirms, its autonomy is more than sufficient. ” I have plenty for the whole day, see an evening. If necessary, I can charge the device in 15 minutes to recover 40-50%so it’s really a comfort to have rechargeable batteries “. Enough to hold an 18-hole course!

The essential benefits of Oticon More™

  • Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, compatible with iPhone® and Android™, for quality direct streaming in both ears
  • Stream audio from any Bluetooth device using Oticon ConnectClip.
  • Several models and colors available
  • Suitable for different degrees of hearing loss (from mild to severe-profound)
  • Rechargeable version, Oticon More™ miniRITE R guarantees a day’s autonomy, including with streaming, from a three-hour charge
  • Personalized and convenient control via the Oticon ON smartphone app
  • Consultation with your hearing care professional remotely using the Oticon RemoteCare app.
  • Access to the IFTTT network to control connected devices in the home.

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