[L’instant tech] The plan of Enchanted Tools, the start-up of an Aldebaran alumnus to revolutionize humanoid robotics

In less than 12 months, we have designed and assembled a humanoid robot which will be delivered at the end of the year and so far we are not a day behind.“, welcomes Jérôme Monceaux. For a little less than a year, the entrepreneur – former creative director of applications and uses at Aldebaran, he then co-founded Spoon, a start-up which develops software tools for “make robots more human” – is the head of Enchanted Tools.

This company, founded in October 2021, aims to relaunch French humanoid robotics. To achieve this, it relies on an original concept, which should combine a “character design» inventive (English term which encompasses the notions of appearance, but also of behavior and history), whose design will be situated “between heroic fantasy and Breton legends”, and the automation of low added value tasks. Enchanted Tools, which raised 15 million euros in February 2022 from private investors and employs around fifty people, must present a first prototype by the end of the year.

A character between the cartoon and the robot


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