L’Invitée des Eco: the impact of digital technology on on-board vehicles at BMW (VIDEO)

In this interview, Majdouline Chafai El Alaoui, director of the BMW and Mini brands at Smeia, talks about the wave of digitalization and its impact on on-board vehicle technology. The ECO guest also looked at changes in post-digital consumer habits. Excerpt from this interview granted to Horizon press.

On an industrial level, how has digitalization impacted on-board vehicle technology?

Our cars are all digitized. For BMW, we have double screens, with the dashboard part and the central screen. There are also several features including Apple Carplay which allows you to display the content of the phone on the car and then we are working on the collectdrive, that is to say connecting the car to our system to be able to listen customer and meet their needs.

Under the influence of this international digitization, have you noticed any changes in consumer habits?

Yes, there were fewer frequencies and visits to showrooms. Previously, a customer could come to a showroom several times before deciding on a purchase. Today, the Moroccan customer goes digital first but will still go to the Showroom to finalize the purchase.

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