Lisa Azuelos flies to the USA and talks about her mother Marie Laforêt

Seeing the hilarious trailer for i love americathe new film by Lisa Azuelos for the Amazon Prime platform, which was released on March 11, I was far from imagining that this comedy feel good would tackle a much more serious subject: since the origin of the world, being a parent has meant screwing up somewhere.

However, the film opens with a scene where Marie Laforêt, the director’s mother, leaves her daughter with a nanny to go on tour. No glop. At that point, we really wonder how we are going to be able to have fun.

This is where all the talent of the director comes in, to whom we owe other successful comedies like MDRwith Sophie Marceau, or My babywith Sandrine Kiberlain.

In i love americaLisa Azuelos, played by Sophie Marceau, leaves at the dawn of her fifties, to Los Angeles to change her life. She joins her exuberant gay best friend, Luka, brilliantly played by Djanis Bouzyani, for a future that promises to be full of parties, love and laughter. But at that moment, his mother bowed out. Many flashbacks to his childhood will then follow, but also a return to life, and to love, through the discovery of dating applications.

“Everything in my films is my real life. All the time”, confides Lisa Azuelos on the phone between two appointments. However, there is no question here of settling accounts: “I make films when I feel cured. Not to heal. These subjects were very present in me but as my mother was still there, it was not the moment”.

In 120 countries

If Lisa Azuelos left for LA, it was because she felt like she had had the tour of her life. “After each film, I have the feeling of having nothing more to say. And in fact, as always, I was caught up in the writing.”

Life took care of bringing this somewhat unusual project to fruition, which did not come out on the big screen. “I understood there that the kind of film I make today has more of a place on the platform than in the cinema. With the health crisis, people who watch my films have lost the habit of going to room. And then what interests me is to make a film for as many people as possible around the world.”

that’s good, because i love america is available in France on March 11 on Amazon Prime, and will be released on April 24 in 120 countries. A bad for a good.

i love america. By Lisa Azuelos. With Sophie Marceau and Djanis Bouzyani. Comedy. 1h42

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