Meghan McCain criticizes Elon Musk’s idea of ​​”soaking the planet”

Meghan McCain, Elon Musk and Nick Cannon.

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Not a fan! After Nick Cannon and Elon Musk gushed about raising large blended families amid news that the billionaire had secretly welcomed two more children, Meghan McCain expressed his thoughts on the “scary” question.

“But what is going on here? I don’t care how many times Musk’s gutting undoes culture and revival,” the former See cohost, 37, wrote in an op-ed for the Daily mail Friday, July 8. “I don’t care if he ‘supposedly’ buys Twitter to save it from bots and thought police, or colonizes Mars to save the human race. It’s downright weird.

She added: “This ‘permeate the planet’ mentality is scary and more like the actions of a cult leader than a selfless person who wants to expand their family and save the planet.”

Hours earlier, the 51-year-old Tesla CEO had apparently confirmed his latest arrivals.

“Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis,” Musk, now a father of 10, tweeted on Thursday, July 7, hours after it was announced that he and Shivon Zilis share 8 month old twins. “Collapse in the birth rate is by far the greatest danger facing civilization. Note my words, they are unfortunately true. … I hope you have big families and congratulations to those who already have!

The 41 year old man Wild N’ Out alum, who himself is a doting dad of seven, reached out to the billionaire to congratulate him on the baby news. Cannon tweeted, “Right there with you bro! ✊🏽

The battery line actor – who is currently expecting baby No. 8 with a model Well you knew – first became a father in 2011 when ex-wife Mariah Carey gave birth to twins Moroccan and Monroe, now 11. He also shares Golden, 5, and Powerful, 15 months, with Bell of Brittany and twins Zion and Zillion, both 11 months old, with Abby Rose. The masked singer the host welcomed his son Zen with Alyssa Scott in June 2021 before the infant tragically died almost seven months later of a brain tumour.

“Contrary to popular belief, I’m probably busy throughout my children’s day, more often than the average adult can be,” Cannon said. men’s health in an interview published last month. “I’m involved in everything from coaching to guitar lessons with my daughter every week. …I’ve seen where people believe a traditional household works, and [yet] there is a lot of toxicity in this medium. It is not about what society deems right. It’s like, what’s right for you? What makes you happy? What makes you happy and how do you define family? We all define family in so many different ways.

The Space X founder, for his part, welcomed babies No. 9 and 10 with the Neuralink executive, 36, in November 2021, according to a Initiated report in July. Musk also shares twins Vivian and Griffin, both 18, and triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian, all 16, with his ex-wife. Justine Wilson. (The deceased son of Musk and Wilson, Nevada, died of sudden infant death syndrome at 10 weeks.) Grimes. (Exa was born via surrogate in December 2021, a month after Zilis welcomed her little ones.)

While Musk and Cannon gushed about having large broods, McCain doubled down on his claim that their mentality was scary. (Neither Musk nor Cannon publicly reacted to the political commentator’s article.)

Elon Musk with his son X AE A-X12.


“Elon is the richest man on the planet, he can certainly do what he wants, when he wants, however he wants, but don’t think for a minute that ordinary Americans relate to that,” he said. -she writes. Daily mail writing. “Musk may have the resources to support three families, but most obviously don’t. …Let’s get one thing straight – Musk is not a model. What he decides to do with his sperm, his surrogates and his employees is his choice.

John McCain’s daughter, who shares 22-month-old daughter Liberty with her husband Ben Domenechopened up more about her personal reaction to Musk’s social media post, alleging he sounded like a “false messiah” preaching to the world.

“Who do you choose to have children with, how many children do you decide to have, and how do you decide whether to raise a family, if at all, is arguably the most personal and life-altering decision we can take,” she added. “At least it certainly was for me. But don’t mistake Musk’s odd take on representing the very classic, conservative, pro-family arguments about having a large family. … Yes, if you want and can, have as many children as possible. But not because Elon Musk says so.

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