Michigan gubernatorial candidate arrested for role in Capitol assault

He is being prosecuted for several offences: illegal intrusion, disturbance of public order, violence and degradation.

While a parliamentary inquiry must, in the coming hours, present its first conclusions regarding the role of Donald Trump during the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, the investigation continues. This Thursday, one of the Republican candidates for governor of Michigan was arrested at his home, according to judicial sources.

Ryan Kelley, 40, was arrested in Allendale, in the northern United States, by federal agents with a stop and search warrant, an FBI spokeswoman said.

He faces prosecution for several offenses: illegal trespassing, disturbing public order, violence and degradation, said the services of the federal prosecutor in Washington, who oversees the sprawling investigation into the attack on the headquarters of Congress.

“Come, It’s time! It’s war!”

On January 6, more than a thousand supporters of Donald Trump had sown violence and chaos within him, when elected officials certified the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Ryan Kelley was in the crowd, according to court documents which trace, using multiple photos and videos, his journey for two hours mainly on the plaza and the steps of the Capitol, where he is seen calling other protesters to follow him or move a safety barrier. In a video uploaded, he appears to be shouting “Come on, It’s time! It’s war!”

Police had received reports of his presence as early as January 2021. The reasons leading to his arrest nearly a year and a half later were unclear as of Thursday.

In the meantime, this real estate agent, linked to a local militia having notably protested against the removal of statues of Confederate generals or against anti-Covid restrictions, has embarked on the race to become governor of Michigan.

According to a poll published at the end of May after the invalidation of other candidacies, he was at the top of the voting intentions in the Republican primaries on August 2. However, he was a loser to outgoing Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the November 8 election.

Since the attack, the police have made more than 840 arrests. A parliamentary inquiry conducted in parallel seeks to establish the role played by Donald Trump in the assault.

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