Mini Motorways welcomes “Night Lights” update to Apple Arcade

Mini Motorways is one of the coolest games on Apple Arcade thanks to a concept that appeals to the whole family. Since its release, the title of Dinosaur Polo Club has been updated regularly for the enjoyment of players. The Mini Metro spin-off that has you planning complete road networks with slick visuals received another big update today to coincide with its launch on Nintendo Switch. If you missed theIndie World Showcase from last night, Mini Motorways arrived on Switch for $14.99.

Mini Motorways version 1.7

The Apple Arcade and Steam versions have received a big update to coincide with the addition of new maps and features. Highlights, except for the two new maps, include Lighthouse support for Night Mode and cross-save from Steam to Switch. Unfortunately, this feature is apparently not available on Apple Arcade. The two new maps are Warsaw in Poland and Chiang Mai in China.

Watch the Mini Motorways Switch trailer below:

For the Warsaw map in Mini Motorways, you navigate the Vistula River while Chiang Mai navigates you through the Old Town moat. The update also comes with some performance improvements for the menu.

Want to take on cities at any time of the day and night? We bring you the Night Lights update!
Explore two thrilling maps and all-new, highly-requested features.

This Mini Motorways update includes:

  • For those who like to plan their cities at dusk hours, Mini Motorways’ night mode now offers suburban dwellers a much-requested feature: headlights!
  • Two new cards! Explore Warsaw, finding unique ways to navigate its winding Vistula River and historic geography. Then, cross countries and continents to the iconic city of Chiang Mai, where you can test your skills navigating the moat of the old city.
  • Steam Cloud Sync! This means you can pick up and continue playing Mini Motorways on Nintendo Switch where you left off on Steam.
  • Various menu performance improvements.
  • Various bug fixes, including improved rankings.

You can download Mini Motorways on Apple Arcade, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Download the game Mini Motorways

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