North Korea fires new ballistic missile, US fears upcoming nuclear tests

North Korea launched a new ballistic missile this Saturday, May 7. The event comes three days before the inauguration of new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, who has promised to toughen up his stance against Kim Jong-un’s regime. What worries the United States.

The missile was fired from a submarine off the east coast of North Korea, according to South Korean military authorities. The Japanese Ministry of Defense also tweeted that it was likely a ballistic missile. North Korea already made a test shot on Wednesday. This is the 15th shot made this year by North Korea.

Nuclear tests this month?

As our colleagues from Le Point point out, this firing comes only a few hours after the United States became concerned about the possibility of a resumption of nuclear tests by North Korea. Based on satellite images, the United States fears that nuclear tests will take place as early as this month.

‚ÄúNegotiations aimed at convincing Kim Jong-un to abandon nuclear weapons have yielded nothing, specify our colleagues. For five years, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has pursued a policy of dialogue with Pyongyang, but according to his successor, this “slavish” approach has been a clear failure. According to analysts, Kim Jong-un may want to warn, through this series of tests, that he is not open to dialogue with the new government.”

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