Olivier Lascar (Sciences et Avenir): “If Elon Musk is an onion, if we peel the onion, at the center of it all, there is the Martian project”. – France Info – May 3, 2022

Guest of Jean-Paul Chapel this Tuesday, Olivier Lascar, author of the forthcoming book “Enqube on Elon Musk, the man who defies science” spoke about the billionaire’s upcoming Twitter takeover for $44 billion: “He has the means, he has secured several lines of credit, notably with Morgan Stanley, he has sold a small part of his Tesla shares.. According to Olivier Lascar, this great Twitter user who would use it “compulsively” buys the network from the blue bird above all to have fun: “It’s a step a bit like Trump, who had abolished the use of all traditional media to build a fan base”.

Olivier Lascar also returned to the personality of Elon Musk. According to him, his “extreme” conception of freedom of expression could be dangerous: “Without moderation, it could quickly go down the drain“. He recognizes that this Iron Man-like science fiction enthusiast “looks pretty high”but nevertheless obeys a project that has its own logic: “He is extremely honest, from his point of view, he has an image of what the future should be (…) and he wants to apply it to reality, then we have to question the relevance of this project”. The center of this logic would be the colonization of Mars with the Space X reusable rocket project: “If Elon Musk is an onion, if we peel the onion, at the center of it all is the Martian Project.”. Despite the ambition of the project to go to Mars, Olivier Lascar stresses that it should not be taken “for a zozo”: “In his new projects, you must not take him under the leg, you have to watch what he does in order to be able, if necessary, to put safeguards”. The editor-in-chief of Sciences et avenir, however, notes the paradox of this project, which was developed thanks to NASA and public money: “Without the public funds of NASA, the United States Department of Defense, there would be no Space X”.

Olivier Lascar finally addressed the two problematic projects of Elon Musk. The first is the Neuralink company which develops brain implants to control computers by thought. If Olivier Lascar affirms that this is legal in a medical setting to treat Parkinson’s disease for example, this is not the case for the recreational implants that Elon Musk would like to develop: “Him, what he wants is for us to be established to play video games by the head, that we have a vision like that of Terminator “. The second is its Starlink project, which aims to colonize Earth’s orbit by placing 12,000 satellites there: “He blocks the ground, he creates traffic jams, he prevents astrophysicists from working normally by observing the skies, and that, he did it at a forced march without asking anyone’s opinion, that’s the real problem Elon Musk “.


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